Introduction Follow the path of Chinese creation

Henan Jinpeng Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mixing equipment (also known as mixing machine) integrating research and development and manufacturing. Our company has 160 employees, including 55 R & D personnel, the company's production factory is located in Henan XiuWu County electronics industrial town. In addition the headquarters is located in Zhengzhou Future Garden, close to the famous ZhengDong New District CBD.

We are currently a medium-sized company in terms of size, but a giant company in the field of powder mixer equipment manufacturing. Because most of the enterprises in this field are still producing the traditional mixing machine that has lasted for more than 30 years,  JINHE brand Company respects the spirit of "Created In China", focuses on research, takes customer demand as the orientation, and takes technological innovation as the means to put forward a new double movement mixing concept with independent intellectual property rights. This concept was used to create the world's first hybrid device that uses one power to drive the superimposed motion of two mechanisms. The powder mixer equipment solves many mixing problems; The mixing strength and precision are strengthened. we have improved mixing efficiency, double motion mixing equipment opens up a new principle of powder mixers! JINHE brand Company in the mixing equipment industry is a main force of independent innovation, adhere to the road of China's creation, "JINHE manufacturing" is willing to contribute to "China's Creation", in the mixing equipment technology to create their own way, the pursuit of innovation, continuous progress, to make more efficient, more energy saving, better use of mixing equipment! We hope to work with employees, suppliers and customers to create more miracles and achieve greater value with knowledge and diligence! The current intellectual property rights of the company include: 3 registered trademarks; 11 patents (including 4 invention patents); 1 copyright registration; Several applications in transit.