Brand Story Follow the path of Chinese creation

         Central China is the birthplace of Chinese civilization,  it is also the Center of HUAXIA  civilization.

Henan Jinpeng Metal Products Co., Ltd.  is born in this fertile soil in the year of 2001. Our company was located in Jiaozuo city - Henan. It has been more than 20 years. JINHE has its own brand story!

Henan Jinpeng Metal Products Co., Ltd.  is a diversified company, the company's another project is molybdenum products deep processing project, when the industry demand is large, a single product accounts for 60% of the national market. The processing process of molybdenum alloy products needs to mix molybdenum alloy powder, add about 0.5% carbon black and other auxiliary materials in molybdenum powder, and the total amount of auxiliary materials is within 5%. At that time, the double cone JHS mixer was used, and the mixing time of each batch was 24 hours, and the mixing efficiency and mixing uiformity of production demand, which seriously restricted the development of enterprises.

An accidental failure in the operation of the equipment, the worker opened the feed port detection equipment, found that there is a layer of carbon black floating on the surface of molybdenum powder, previously thought that carbon black is all mixed into the molybdenum powder inside, each time after mixing the material is used directly. After discovering this problem, the laboratory was arranged to do a test, and the result was that only about 65% of the toner was mixed into the main powder, and the remaining 35% of the toner was floating in the air during the mixing process because of its too light gravity. After the mixing, they all floated on the main powder. Previously ignored the mixed powder this link, no wonder customers often react to the product hardness is inconsistent, this is also a common problem in the industry. The production has improved the mixing formula and sintering process for many times, and the problem has not been effectively solved, which has plagued us for many years and finally found the problem, the original is the uneven mixing of toner caused the product hardness instability.

The chairman of Henan JINPENG is the founder of the enterprise and also the technical leader. He has a high technical level and good reputation in the industry. As the first batch of mechanical design graduates in China after the Cultural Revolution, he has inherited the spirit of "simple style and continuous innovation" of Northwestern Polytechnical University.

After the discovery of this major problem, the chairman considered the proportion of molybdenum powder and toner loose load difference of more than 10 times, in the mixing process, light powder because of light gravity, always floating in the space above the barrel or floating in the main heavy powder material above, resulting in a long mixing time can not mix the light powder evenly. If the market can have a barrel in the rotation at the same time, the internal at the same time superimposed a full size spiral belt blade stirring, so that the internal spiral belt in the mixing process has a shear, binding effect on the powder, you can float the light powder wrapped in, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing evenly.

Procurement technology department in accordance with this idea began to look for a similar mixer in the market, looking for various manufacturers at home and abroad, suddenly found a shocking secret! In the market can not find a similar mixer, the market is not a double cone mixer is a three dimensional mixer, not a horizontal ribbon mixer is a single cone ribbon mixer, there is no barrel in the rotation at the same time the internal superimposed ribbon mixing mixer. Manufacturing technology has been updated for so many years, and all the mixing equipment on the market is decades old.

Finally, Doctor. Liu decided: Since we can't find it in the market, we will design and manufacture ourselves! It can be imagined that we were not mechanical processing enterprises, but molybdenum products deep processing enterprises! Considering that our company is the mixing problem caused by the large difference in the proportion of molybdenum powder and toner, this problem is certainly not a case, if you can develop a new type of equipment to solve the mixing problem of the mixing industry, to improve the level of manufacturing.

According to this idea, combined with the advantages of the existing traditional equipment, after painstaking research and many experiments, this new double motion mixer JHX was finally born, in the realization of the barrel rotation of mixing materials at the same time, the inside blade is running about two times faster than the barrel. So that the internal screw ribbon has a shearing and stirring effect on the powder during the mixing process, which can wrap the floating light powder into it. So it could achieve the purpose of mixing uniformity.

Molybdenum products made after delivery to the customer, the customer in the lathe finishing found that the previous uneven hardness is like no, the quality is very good after use. After the news returned to the company, Mr. Liu and all the double movement® mixer design and production team were excited to sleep all night, and the advent of the double movement® mixer filled the problem that the light and light powder in China was not easy to mix, which is equal to opening up a new era of the mixer.

After trudging through endless mountains and rivers,one might begin to doubt whether there is a path out. With the extension of the use time of the double movement® mixer, the exploration and understanding of the double movement® mixing process has gradually increased, and the double movement® mixer has not only solved the difficult problem of light and light powder mixing that has plagued the enterprise for many years, but also continuously brought us surprises:

1. High mixing efficiency: The original double cone mixer mixes a batch of powder for 24 hours, considering the advanced mixing principle of the double movement® mixer, in the case of the same mixing uniformity, the factory laboratory continuously optimizes the mixing time, and finally determines the best mixing process for 4 hours, which reduces the mixing time by 80% compared to before.

2. High loading rate: The main mixing work of the double movement® mixer is done by the internal movement of the spiral blade, so the remaining space of the cylinder can be small. The effective loading volume is up to 80%, while the previous double-cone mixer had only 45% effective volume

3. Space saving: The equipment adopts horizontal layout, low feed port, no need to build a feeding platform to complete the feeding

4. Power saving: high transmission efficiency, mixing the same weight of materials, power power is only 70% of the traditional mixer

5. Minimal damage to the original appearance of the powder after mixing: many industries require that the mesh number and specific gravity of the powder remain unchanged or less changed after mixing

Precise control of the whole process. The core principle of the double movement® mixer is to carry out multi-layer, multi-direction medium-low speed shear mixing in low-speed flowing powder, without impact and high-speed impact on the powder, plus the mixing time is greatly shortened, so that the powder shape can be kept basically unchanged.

So far, double movement® mixer has been all over the north and south of the river, medicine, food, chemical, powder metallurgy, superhard materials and other industries market share increased year by year, to help more and more enterprises to solve the mixing problem, improve product quality. Innovation in JINHE, respect Chinese creation, revitalize the national economy, double movement® mixer, create a new mixing principle. JINHE on the road, in the continued writing of its legendary story.