Powder Processing Line
Product Introduce

Modular Design

Detail Introduction

JHX1500 milk tea powder automatic processing line description:

JHT series SS304 screw feeder for JHX1500, Φ219 pipe diameter, power 3KW, maximum feeding speed 5ton/h, 700kg powder only takes about 10 minutes to feed.

SS304 Metal detector for detecting metals in milk powder JHX1500 SS304 Double Movement ® Mixer JHX-1500 Dust Collection System

JHF-2 SS304 vacuum feeder is fed by a JHX1500 mixer to 10sets automatic packaging machines.

Feeding platform:

SS304 receiving silo at the bottom of the mixer is equipped with 10pcs vacuum suction pipes and 10sets vacuum feeders connected to the interface, with a volume of about 1400L

JHX-1500 automatic operating system:

It is equipped with mixer frequency converter, mixer brake motor, automatic drive silo feeding and discharging device.

The JHX-1500 automatic control box system and software with PLC and 10inch touch screen (including automatic control and manual control panel).