Powder Processing Line
Product Introduce

JHX2000L four sets automatic production line of metal powder:

2000L medium double movement mixer made of JHX2000 model SS304 material.

The mixer has automatic alignment, automatic up and down docking, automatic feeding and automatic discharging functions!

JHX2000, SS304 Double Movement ® Ultrafine Powder Mixer. It adopts a customized carbon steel frame platform with JHX2000 double movement ® mixer, which is divided into three layers: upper, middle and lower.

JHX2000 automatic silo system

Equipped with SS304 3000L automatic silo system, equipped with slide rails and silo pulleys, convenient for manual placement in a fixed position!

JHX2000 automatic electronic control operating system

It is equipped with mixer frequency converter, mixing motor motor, automatic electric container charging and discharging device. JHX2000 automatic control box system, equipped with Siemens PLC and 10inch touch screen (including automatic control and manual control panel) and software