Food and Pharmacy Case
JHX2000 Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer For Dialysate Customer


New Mixing Solution Equipment on Pharmacy Industry of JHX2000 mixer machine. 

On June, two appraisals have been conducted on our company and a lot of lab tests related to dialysis powdr have been done by the staff of TianJing HaiNuoDe commerce co,.ltd. 

On  01 11 2014, We called on Tianjing Hainuode commerce co,.ltd and had a more through understanding of the dialysis indusrty by acutally visiting the site.

During the process, our double movement mixer has shown several advantages over the traditional mixer as follows:
1. mixing time is reduced to 35 mins from the previous mixing time of one hour
2. loading ratio is increased to 75 percent from 45 percent 
3. mixing uniformity is above 99% from 85% previously
4. production effiency is up to 60% above

similiar testing results have been achieved by two separate testes , approving the high effiency and stablility of our double movement mixer. at the early july, they signed a offical purchasing contract with us for JHX 2000L. through this transaction,we have learned that the level of uniformity in the dialysis power will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of its treatment and higher uniformity always mean better medical effect and thus redusing the pain suffered by the patients and extending their lives. to some extent, we feel a sense of commission inside us, prompting us to make mixers in more focused and professional manner.