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JHY series mixer machine is using for powder metallurgy industry


The ideal brake pad must have the following performance: enough stable friction coefficient, high heat resistance and thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, very little noise in the work, in order to meet the premise of these requirements, in the production process to be strict requirements of raw materials and production equipment.

Today will give you the analysis of powder metallurgy brake pads in the mixing process of metal and non-metal mixing problems, powder metallurgy brake pads with metal powder formula, powder metallurgy brake pads mainly includes steel back, the other side of the steel back sintering at least a piece of metal form friction block, and the friction block in the production of joints is mixing, pressing and sintering, powder metallurgy brake pads in mixing process due to the formula contains a large number of synthetic carbon (also called non-metal), is the metal powder mixing problem.


Because the non-metal itself is very light and becomes floating in the metal powder mixing, the non-metal carbon material has been floating inside the mixer, and it is difficult to mix with the metal powder.The result is that the metal and non-metal powder are not mixed evenly, resulting in the late sintering of some non-metal did not reach the diffusion distribution evenly, become high hardness and brittle.Without coercion, it is difficult to mix them even for a long time.To solve this problem, it is recommended to consider the dual-motion hybrid process.Due to the double motion mixer container rotation and the internal blade rotation in the same direction (different speed) so that the container and blade will carry the floating material cylinder above the non-metal powder into the main body involved in the mixing, so as to solve the problem of metal and non-metal mixing, more importantly, can use automatic mixing.From the dust-free feeding station and vacuum feeding system to the automatic equipment docking and mixing of the automatic mixer production line, greatly save time and labor can also meet the dust-free production workshop why not!