JHX Double Movement®Dry Powder Mixer
1. Introduction


3. Main Purpose of The Double Movement Mixer Research

Fifteen years ago, before the advent of the double movement® mixer, the main mixers on the market were all designed by foreigners, and they were all mixers with a single mixing principle, and their mixing performance had significant defects (such as: gravity diffusion mixer representative model: V mixer, three dimensional mixer, the disadvantage is that the powder microscopic lack of sufficient shear, displacement, low mixing efficiency; Forced shear mixer represents the model Ribbon mixer and Conical mixer, the disadvantage is that there is a dead angle, and the macroscopic movement speed of the powder is slow).  

Our design team has developed a double movement ® mixer for the above problems, which solves the shortcomings of traditional mixers. The double movement ® Dry Powder mixer opens up completely new mixing concepts and significantly increases mixing efficiency!!  

Using advanced double movement overlay mixing technology, it realizes two functions of gravity diffusion mixing and forced shear mixing on one mixer. It can achieve macroscopic uniformity: it means let the powder roll up and down, left and right convection diffusion and uniform mixing; It can also repeatedly intersperse and cut between particles and particles at the microscopic level of the powder to achieve fine forced mixing. Therefore, the mixing uniformity can reach the ideal state of macroscopic uniformity and microscopic ultra fine uniformity.  

This is also because of the advanced principle of superimposed mixing of two movements, two movements are carried out at the same time in a unit time, which not only doubles the mixing efficiency, but also promotes each other just right, and promotes the mixing work more effectively.

As a result, the double movement ® mixer saves up to 60% of time compared to traditional mixers.  In the double motion ® mixer, the main mixing work is done by the internal full-size blades, so the remaining space of the barrel can be small. Therefore, in the case of a large loading rate, the equipment can still perform the mixing task well.

As a result, the double movement ® mixer has a loading capacity of more than 50% compared to traditional mixers.

4. Double Movement®Mixing Principle


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5. Equipment Operation Method

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6. Equipment Specification
ModelBarrel capacity(L)Working capacity(L)Barrel speed(r/min)Blade speed(r/min)Motor power(kw)Overall dimensionMachine weight(kg)

7. Double Movement®Eight Advantages of Mixer



8. Play an important role in high tech materials industry

The development of stealth coatings and high tech materials for national heavy stealth aircraft all require double movement ® mixer aircraft to take on the heavy task of mixing

9. Compare With Traditional Mixer