Zipper bag Automatic powder packing machine

JHZPS Zipper bag Automatic powder packing machine20190621041006751.png


The Japan Mitsubishi PLC control, with touch screen interface system, easy operation, convenient operation, variable speed.



Ⅰ. Application:

It's suitable for weighing slice, roll or regular shape products such as sugar, salt, seed, 

rice, sesame,  milk powder, coffee powder and seasoning powder, etc.

Ⅱ. Main Features:

*High precision digital load cell (HBM load cell is optional)

*Color touch screen (Mouse, SD card and memory card are compatible)

*Multi-language choice (Translation is needed for some specific language)

*Different authority management

III. Special Features:

*Weighing mix different products at one discharge

*Parameters can be freely adjusted during running condition

*New generation design, each actuator、boards can exchange with each other.

*Self-diagnose function on the electronic boards


Machine size
Model No. JHZPS-1  JHZPH-1
Bag Width80-280mm80-280mm
Bag Length130-320mm130-320mm
Bag TypeStand-up bag, pillow bagStand-up bag, pillow bag
Packing Speed10bag/min to12bag/min to
15bag/min25 bag/min
Power Supply220V, 50HZ220V, 50HZ
Air Consumption7.0 CFM@80 PSI7.0 CFM@80 PSI
Pneumatic PartsPIAB Vacuum Generator, Pneumatics component Airtac from TaiwanPIAB Vacuum Generator, Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan


Range of single bag weight10-2000g
AV SNGL bag ERR / Weighing Accuracy0.2-2g
Max weighing speed10-60 bags/min
hopper Capacity3L
Control systemMCU
Preset Programs10
Max. Mix-Products4
Operation Panel7 inch touch screen
Voltage/Power/Frequency/Rating CurrentAC220V ±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
Packing Dimension (mm)1010(L)*960(W)*1207(H)
Packing Weight250KG

Packing type flat bag, three side seal, four side seal, zipper bag.
packaging bag sizeW:100-200mm   L:150-320mm
Speed16 to 40bag/min
Packing accuracy≤±1%

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