Fully auto paper cup machine



JHC11H High speed paper cup machine, invented based on the leading technology of paper cup machine, adopting the advantages of domestic and abroad technology, is suitable for papers of any quality in the market. JHC11H adopting the Imported Schneider inverter for driving the machine, Switzerland Leister hot air system for bottom preheating, and automatic oil lubricating system, vacuum pump for sucking down the paper, together with the automatic cup collecting system, it has realized the full automation and more efficiency.

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Paper cups produced by JH-C11H single /double PE coated paper cup machine can be used for tea, coffee, milk, ice cream, juice and water. It is an economical and classical paper cup forming machine suitable for making cups with 2.5 to 12 oz. If customers require bigger cups, our model JH-S16 or JH-S22 will be your best choice.

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1.This high speed paper cup machine carries out bottom sealing by Switzerland Leister hot air system and side sealing by ultrasonic.

2.Cups of different sizes are easy to produce by changing moulds.

3.Our paper cup making machine is capable of manufacturing double PE coated paper cups suitable for cold and hot drink.

4.With our unique single-shaft bottom knurling system, low leaking ratio and high quality can be guaranteed.

5.Paper sucking system of this high speed paper cup machine uses vacuum pump with large power and stable performance.

6.With unique single shaft design and stable gear system, it would be more stable when our paper cup making machine running at a high speed.

7.With automatic lubricating system, this high speed paper cup machine will automatically lubricate every moving parts when it runs.

8.Every cam is hardened to ensure safe and stable operation.

9.Our paper cup making machine is equipped with automatic cup collecting, stacking and counting system.

10.Special pre-feeding system for bottom paper helps avoid waste.

11.This high speed paper cup machine uses Siemens PLC micro computer system and touch screen for easy and visual operation.

12.Upgraded gear box allows longer service life

13.Optional quality control system.

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Machine size

Specification of JHC11H paper cup machine:

Material170g-350g single or double pe coated paper 
Speed 90-100pcs/min 
Voltage 380v 50hz 
Air power0.20m³/min
Rated power11kw


ButtonOnpow, Chinese leading brand
RelayIdec and Omron, Japan
Main motor2.2kW China DASU motor
Knurling motor0.75kW China GPG motor
Hot air systemLeister, Switzerland
PLC systemSiemens
Touch screenSiemens