JHZP Full automatic powder packing machine



Combined parts:

•Screw Conveyor      

•Auger Filler (Dynamic Weight System) with Stand on MDP Machine

• Spoon Dispenser    

•Mini Doypack Machine

Technical parameter: 

Packing Speed : 5-8 bags/min


1.Humanism design, easy dismantle, no need any tools could dismantle the contact parts to clean,

2.No any dead angle could leave so very suit for grocery industry. This whole process only one person one minute will be finished, save labor and high efficiency.

3.The hopper with arch breaker device, help you to shoot bridge problem.

4.Update Device: Polished screw, side-opening tube.




Optional accessories:

1.Standard control box *Safety Net *Vibration Sieve *Hopper cover 2.Dust cover * Blender for anti-bridge.


Machine information
Model No.    JHZP-1JHZP-2
Bag Width130-280mm      130-300mm
Bag Length130-300mm      130-400mm
Bag TypeStand-up bag, pillow bagStand-up bag, pillow bag
Power Supply220V, 50HZ220V, 50HZ
Air Consumption7.0 CFM@80 PSI7.0 CFM@80 PSI
Pneumatic PartsPIAB Vacuum Generator, Pneumatics component Airtac from TaiwanPIAB Vacuum Generator, Pneumatics component Airtac from Taiwan

Technical Specifications
Hopper Size230L
Discharging Height≤3000mm(optional)
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Power3-phase 380V 50Hz,0.75-5.5KW
Machine Weight70-350Kg

Unique hopper design is our one of scientific and technological achievements for studying many years in powder packaging industry, and access to national utility model patents, in line with GMP certification requirements

*There are economical and convenient hopper type can be selected. Economy model the cone hopper is one set, have to remove the cone then can be cleaned; convenient model: the front half hopper could be opened horizontally, as easy as opening doors and windows, cleaning faster and easier.

*Whole machine set used SUS304, waterproof motor (IP65), could wash with water, and meet the food industry requirements.

Optional Parts:*Spinner: suit for free flow product * Closure: suit for too free flow product* Dust Collector: suit for flying powder.

* Bag Clamping Weighing Function: suit for high accuracy requests, the accuracy could do ≤±2g

Technical Specifications
Model NoJHAF -350
Metering ModelBy auger or load cell feedback(optional function)
Dosing Range≤1000g
Dosing Accuracy± 0.3-1%(depend on actual product and speed)
Container ModelCan or Bag
Filling SpeedMax: ≤20bags/min
Power & OutputSingle-phase 220V  50/60Hz ,3KW
Machined Size780L*730W*1690Hmm