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Double movement ® mixer with two machines effect

Read carefully and you will find that Double movement ® concept is a very conservative one

1、 The high loading rate determines one machine on top of two machines

Usually, gravity diffusion type mixers (bucket motion mixers, such as 3D and V-type models) require space for material movement, so the loading rate must be controlled below 50% to achieve good mixing results. And dual motion ® The main mixing motion of a mixer is through blade stirring, which can achieve a loading rate of 80% (or even 85%), almost twice the loading rate of a gravity diffusion mixer.

Therefore, for mixers of the same volume, doubke movement ® mixer can top two traditional gravity diffusion mixers with one.

2、 The short mixing time determines high working effect

Due to double movement ® mixing principle of a mixer is two motion superposition mixing, which has ultra-high mixing efficiency. The mixing time is less than 50% of the mixing time required by traditional mixers (such as V-shaped models, 3D models, double cone models, etc.). In the powder metallurgy industry, dual motion ® The mixer will save more mixing time, only about 30% of the mixing time of traditional mixers.

Therefore, in terms of mixed time, A double movement ®  mixer can handle two or more traditional mixers mixing work.

3、 High efficiency and low energy consumption, with One machine works as two machines.

Double movement ® mixing principle of the mixer is:

1. The operation mode of the material barrel is that the center of gravity of the powder remains unchanged and continuously rotates at a uniform speed, so the energy consumption is very low;

2. Mixing blades between already moving powders requires less force and energy consumption.

However, 90% of the energy consumption of traditional gravity diffusion type mixers is focused on the lifting of materials, resulting in huge energy consumption. Usually loaded with dual movements of equal weight ® The motor used in the mixer is half the power specification of the motor used in traditional gravity diffusion mixers. So, low energy consumption is natural.

4、 Bringing together various advantages, one machine on top of two machines is too conservative

4、 Bringing together various advantages,Say as ' One machine works as two machines' is too conservative.

Combining double movements ® The ultra-high loading rate, ultra-short mixing time, and ultra-low operating energy consumption of the mixer make it known as dual motion ® The saying that one mixer has two machines at the top is too conservative.