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Mixing & grinding & dispersing machine, three in one machine with powerful functions

Transforming the mixer, disperser, and grinder into a multifunctional deformation machine has been our long-standing wish for many years, and this wish was realized in 2018. Now we are grandly launching a multifunctional deformation machine that integrates mixing, dispersion, and grinding.

Introduction to multifunctional deformation mixer:

R&D Theme:

When facing powder materials to be mixed, we will encounter various complex situations: for example, some powders have poor flowability; Some powders have hardened particles; Some powders contain clumps or bundles of fibers; Some powder particles are too large to meet the mixing conditions, and so on. Faced with these many problems, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive hybrid requirements by choosing a single model. The traditional method requires the purchase of two to more equipment to cope with such complex situations and mix the powder materials evenly.

Our company's R&D team has developed this multifunctional deformation mixer based on the above situation, using one device to achieve the functionality and mixing effect of three devices through deformation combination. This is a very innovative advanced equipment that saves customers a lot of equipment procurement funds, while also possessing strong mixing ability and mixing effects.

The multifunctional mixer model is particularly suitable for laboratory use, with its exquisite body and multiple combinations showcasing the powerful functions of three types of equipment. Normal powder can adopt efficient dual motion ® Mixing methods include hardened particles, pseudo particles, and fibrous tissues, which can be dispersed using high-speed flying knives. For large particle powders that require fine grinding, ball milling mixing can be used.

This is the heavyweight model mixing machine we grandly launched in 2018!