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The function of fly Knife Dispersed double movement ® mixer

1、 What kind of powder material needs to be dispersed using a flying knife double movement ® Mixer

When the powder contains the following special characteristics, the flying knife disperses in double movement®  mixer comes in handy.

1. The powder contains viscous agglomerated large particles;

2. The powder contains bundles of fibers and clusters of fibers;

3. The powder contains substances with characteristics such as viscosity or oiliness;

It is difficult to solve the problem of uniform mixing of materials with the above characteristics using traditional mixers, because ordinary mixers do not have the forced mechanical force to break up or disperse these particles or tissues. And the flying knife dispersed double movement ® mixer has such a coercive force!

2、 Throwing Knife Dispersed double movement ®  working principle of the mixer

The figure above represents double movement ® Flying Knife Dispersal Mixer

The mixing principle is: the movement of the material barrel undergoes gravity diffusion type mixing, and the flying knife movement disperses the powder mixing.

1. The rotation of the material barrel causes the material to flow and diffuse under the action of gravity, implementing a gravity diffusion type mixing, as shown by the blue arrow in the following figure.

2. The high-speed flying knife movement inside the material bucket disperses, cuts, and mixes the material, as shown by the red arrow in the following figure.

3、 Using a flying knife to disperse doublel movements ®mixer solves the problem of uniform mixing with special powder performance

1. The speed of the flying knife is 1000 revolutions, and the speed along the edge of the flying knife is 12 meters/second. Its mechanical force is sufficient to break up large sticky particles and bundle and bundle like fibers. Moreover, it has high dispersion efficiency and short equipment operation time.

2. This device can solve the following mixed challenges:

1) Difficulty in mixing powders containing fibrous tissue;

2) Difficulty in mixing powders containing viscous agglomerates;

3) The powder contains difficult to mix pseudo particles such as hardening and adsorption.

3. Precautions:

High speed flying knives have a certain destructive ability, and materials that require maintaining the shape of powder particles should be used with caution.

4、 Example explanation

For example, a company in Xi'an that produces high-speed railway brake pads requires that the powder of the mixed brake pad contains a 15% proportion of bundle fibers, which are evenly distributed in the powder.

The use of traditional mixers such as V-shaped mixers and three-dimensional mixers cannot achieve the goal of uniform mixing.

The use of traditional horizontal plow blade mixers with flying knives cannot achieve the ideal mixing purpose.

Fortunately, the use of flying knives to disperse double movements ® mixer can evenly disperse the bundle fibers into the main powder after mixing for 30 minutes. The reason is that the high-speed flying knife is responsible for dispersing the bundle fibers, and the operation of the material barrel can evenly and continuously provide materials for the flying knife, so that the powder can be dispersed and mixed in one go.