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Grinding is required before mixing powder with oversized particles

1、 Question raising

For example, in the mixing process of a food seasoning, it is necessary to mix oversized salt particles with lighter and finer powders such as chili powder and scallion powder. The particle size of the salt particles is 0.8mm, with a specific gravity of 1.4, and the particle size of plant powder such as chili is 0.1mm, with a specific gravity of 0.25. This mixing task is a typical problem of mixing large and small particles, as well as light and heavy powders. It is difficult for ordinary mixers to mix salt and plant powder evenly through experiments, and even if the mixing time is extended, it is still difficult to mix evenly.

2、 Grind large particle powders to reduce their particle size and specific gravity, resulting in normal mixing

After repeated experiments, it was found that after grinding the same powder, its particle size and specific gravity will decrease simultaneously.

For example, by grinding the above salt particles, it was found that their particle size is 0.2mm and their specific gravity is 0.6. This salt particle characteristic is similar to other plant powders involved in mixing, making uniform mixing work easier and more feasible.