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How to mix the fibrous tissue in dry powder evenly

1、 Question raising

With the development and progress of society, the use of composite materials is increasing, and it is particularly important to add fiber tissue to the powder to prepare composite materials. For example, the currently popular high-speed rail brake pads are prepared by adding carbon fiber structure to composite carbon powder, and their excellent performance can withstand the instantaneous high temperature and high-strength friction brought by high-speed rail brakes. However, at present, the brake pads of domestic high-speed trains are almost entirely dependent on imports, and evenly mixing carbon fiber structure into composite carbon powder is a difficult technical bottleneck to overcome. This is a classic case where powder and fibrous tissue are difficult to mix.

The powder to be mixed contains fibrous tissue, which is difficult to mix evenly using a regular mixer. This is because ordinary mixers do not have the mechanical ability to break up these fibrous tissues, and even if forced shear mixers are used due to their relatively low shear speed, they cannot break up these fibrous tissues, resulting in mixing failure.

2、 Method for solving the mixing of powder and fiber tissue

Adopting double movement ®  flying knife dispersion mixer is a good method to solve the problem of mixing powder and fiber tissue. The core of its technology is to use high-speed flying knives to break up bundles and clumps of fibers, allowing the powder to fill the gaps between the fibers while breaking up, preventing further adhesion between the fibers.

Because the speed of the flying knife dispersion mixer can be set to 1000 revolutions per minute or even higher, with a speed of 12 meters per second along the edge of the flying knife. The impact force generated by this speed is sufficient to break up the clustered or bundle fibers, so that the dispersed fibers are evenly distributed in the main powder. Thus, it effectively solves such a mixed problem.