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Double motion mixer's application in the refractory


Firebrick is simply fire brick.Refractories made of refractory clay or other refractory materials.Light yellow or brown with color.Mainly used for masonry smelting furnace, it can withstand the high temperature of 1,580℃ to 1,770℃.It's also called a brick.Refractories of a certain shape and size.According to the preparation method, it can be divided into burnt brick, no burnt brick, electric molten brick (cast brick), refractory insulation brick, and standard brick, ordinary brick, special brick according to shape and size.It can be used as high-temperature building materials and structural materials for building kilns and various thermal equipment, and can withstand various physical and chemical changes and mechanical effects at high temperature.For example, fire-resistant clay brick, high aluminum brick, silicon brick, magnesium brick, etc.

According to the different composition of refractory brick, it can be divided into five categories, namely: silicon aluminum system refractory brick, alkaline series refractory brick, carbon containing refractory brick, zirconium refractory brick, heat insulation refractory brick.Any stove is not built out of only one refractory brick, but requires the combination of different refractory bricks.

Now the refractory industry is updating its production process to improve its product quality in the industry, but in the hybrid process is a more headache step.Because now most of the formula will be mixed problems (heavy powder mixing problem, trace elements to add problems, and even ultra light powder, ultra fine powder mixing problem), the traditional mixer of gravity convection diffusion mixer forced shear mixing mixer, suitable for powder and powder (particle size, liquidity, density) difference is available.If the differentiation is very large, the traditional mixer cannot meet the customer's high uniformity requirements.

The dual motion mixing machine and its mixing process is the double motion mixing principle of forced shear and stirring of two motor systems to operate simultaneously in the process of gravity convection diffusion. It does not need a large convection space (loading rate is 80%), without equal increasing method, and all materials are input at a time, and the mixing problem is solved.